Stair refacing in Woodbridge

As more and more homes are beginning to use hardwood, tile and other materials, many stairways are also converting away from traditional carpet as well. For home owners in the Woodbridge area that are interested in upgrading their staircase to practical hardwood flooring it is very important to pick a company that specialized in stair refacing in Woodbridge. At kitchens by regal we can supply and install high-quality stair treads and risers that will stand up to wear in your home for years to come. Updating the look of your home with stair refacing in Woodbridge is an excellent investment and can also work to save you money on replacing the entire structure of your stairs. Stair refacing involves tearing up any existing hardwood or carpet surfaces and installing formfitting hardwood and stair risers that will work to modernize your staircase. We can also work on existing hardwood stairways to completely resurface and re-face worn materials. It’s understandable that a hardwood staircase cannot last forever, and updating any worn down wood or unfinished wood is a great way to change the look of your home and renovate an old staircase. To learn more about stair refacing and installation, as well as the materials and hardwood options that you have available, feel free to visit the Kitchens by Regal showroom. In the showroom you will see a variety of hardwood that has been pre-installed so that you can get an idea for the type of finish, color and texture that you might want for your staircase. Alternatively you can also call into our customer service line to receive a free quote for stair refacing, and to learn more about the products that we have available.