Stair Refacing Vaughan

For homes of a certain age, carpeted staircases can begin to look especially worn and outdated. Rather than continuously ripping up carpet every few years and replacing or remodelling this section of your home, you can work to devise a more permanent solution to this problem through stair refacing. With the help of a professional contractor you can work to remodel your stairway to have solid wood floors, where a wooden surface that will wear much more slowly than carpet. Many modern homes are utilizing high-quality hardwood stair treads to achieve long-lasting and stylish stairways. Kitchens by Regal is pleased to offer up a stair refacing surface in Vaughan. The experts at kitchens by regal will be able to remodel any custom stairs into any style that suits you. With a wide variety of options including: hardwood, engineered hardwood, and high quality carpet, you can remodel your staircase and take advantage of a refacing warranty. Instead of having to constantly replace services on your stairs, use high quality services and expert labour to make sure that your stairway surfaces are built to last. If you are interested to learn more about stair refacing in Vaughan please feel free to drop by the Kitchens by Regal showroom or to call the customer service hotline. By calling in you can receive a free quote for your stair refacing as well. Alternately if you would rather come into the showroom to see the styles of flooring and stairways that we have available, a customer service representative can take you through the process each step of the way, from picking out high quality material options to the installation of your new stairs.