Granite countertops in North York

To give your kitchen the ultimate facelift many people are today using granite countertops. Granite countertops are the best way to bring the ultimate in luxury to your kitchen. They are not only easier to clean and more durable than traditional countertops, but they also work to make food preparation much easier. Because of their solid design and striking features, granite countertops also rank among the most wanted kitchen accessories among home-buyers. Installing granite countertops can work to make your kitchen look more stylish, increase its resale value, and make your life easier by offering you an easy-to-clean kitchen. If you are interested in installing granite countertops it is always best to trust the experts. For granite countertops in North York be sure to visit the Kitchens by Regal showroom. Kitchens by Regal has been in the kitchen renovation business since 1996 and has installed hundreds of custom granite countertops in the North York area. We continue to offer high-quality granite in a variety of textures, colors and finishes, and employ only the best tradespeople in the business to ensure that your job is done 100% accurately and within the agreed-upon budget. For more information on granite countertops in North York, please feel free to call in to receive a free quote or consultation, or to visit the Kitchens by Regal showroom directly to see some of the installed granite countertops and learn more about the options that you have available for your kitchen. You also never know the type of inspiration that may occur to you while looking through the various types of granite countertops in our catalogue. With so many advantages granite countertops are a must-have for any kitchen renovation, call now for a free quote!